What is ACNH Islands operating hours?

We are not a 24/7 operating store as we're only a team of 2. However, ACNH Islands is open 16 hours a day, everyday.


I have just made a purchase, how do I follow up with my order?

We encourage you to include a valid email when checking out your order. We have 2 modes of communication; via email and via our live chat. You may use either of it to contact us.


How do I receive my order?

ACNH Islands runs on a model where every purchase will be self-collected by the customer. After we receive your order, we will inform you the Dodo Code. You will fly over to collect your purchase.


How quickly will I receive my order after purchase?

As we are only a team of 2, we strive to provide your goods as soon as possible. Our Islands runs 24/7 and are ready to be issued as soon as we are online (16 hours a day) In the event that we took too much time, there will be a gift as a form of reimbursement for all our customers.


I purchased an Island Service, how long do I have to wait before my visit?

Unlike many island service provider, ACNH Islands have over 20 Islands. The chances of having to "queue" is close to none. You may also contact us to check for slot availability before hand if you'd like.


I made a purchase but I did not receive it

Kindly contact us via email, help.acnhislands@gmail.com or via live chat regarding your order. We will be more than happy to assist you with your order!


How do I use the live chat?

You will see an icon on the bottom right of the screen, for both desktop and mobile users. 

 I purchased an Island Service, however I am not able to complete it in one session. What should I do?

In this instance, do not worry. ACNH Island admins understand that asides from gaming, we all have life commitments. Kindly contact us if you face such situation. We will gladly arrange another session for you to complete!