Purchase Any Island Services And Get FREE 120 Stacks Of Materials! (Exclude Material & Treasure Island)

How To Purchase

1)Before purchasing, ensure that you have a valid Nintendo Online Subscription.

In Animal Crossing, you require to have a valid Nintendo Online for online play. Online play refers to visiting other player's island. In order to be able to receive your purchases, do ensure that you have one.


2)Add the items or services that you'd like into your cart.



3)Check out your cart. The payment methods that we accept are:



4)After making payment, kindly contact us either via email or live chat. Do inform us your name and Shopify order number for reference purposes.

  • Email: help.acnhislands@gmail.com
  • Live chat: Bottom right of the screen (Desktop & Mobile)


5)After contacting us, we will arrange for your order. You will receive our Island's Dodo Code. A Dodo code is a randomized 5 character code.

Example of dodo code: (This code is only for example purposes)


6)You will fly to our island to collect or redeem the service that you purchased.

"I want to fly" -> "Via online play" -> "Via Dodo Code" -> Enter the Dodo Code