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Clothing Catalog Island

常规价格 $24.99

Welcome to Clothing Catalog Island!
  1. Here you’ll be able to catalog a complete collection of all catalogable clothing.
  2. It includes all catalogable Headwear, Overalls, Top, Bottom, Socks, Shoes, Accessories & Bags.
  3. It includes all item in with its existing variation and colors.
  4. It will take at approximately 4 hours to complete cataloging them.
  5. For more information on how to catalog, you may refer to the FAQ page.
  6. You can spend as much time as you want on the island within reason. 
  7. You must visit the island, as items will NOT be delivered to you in the island visit.
  8. Our island consist of trash bin around the area where you can dispose them after it registers in your inventory.
  9. There is a complimentary gift of 120 stacks of material as well.
This package includes the following:
  • 71 x Unique Accessories (In all variation)
  • 152 x Unique Headwear (In all variation)
  • 273 x Unique Top (In all variation)
  • 140 x Unique Bottoms (In all variation)
  • 234 x Unique Overalls (In all variation)
  • 59 x Unique Socks (In all variation)
  • 78 x Unique Shoes (In all variation)
  • 29 x Unique Bag (In all variation)

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